Ashlee Mello is a Cincinnati transplant originally hailing from Florida with a stylish detour in NYC.  After nearly a decade in the fashion industry, Ashlee resigned from her career as a wardrobe stylist to do one thing: seek Him and live out His glory. She has a gift for encouraging others to thrive in their purpose and SLAY, which also happens to be the name of her first book. Ashlee is a passionate writer and creative who loves seeing fresh ideas come to life. In her free time she can be found working with her non-profit (Uncommon Creative), homeschooling her kiddos, traveling, blogging and creating. A A creative in every sense of the word means she might be making sourdough biscuits one day and painting up an art piece the next. All this while running after what it looks like to be a healthy wife, daughter, mother and friend.

It took Ashlee years to figure to figure out she was made for more than what the world had to offer, and so are you.  It’s time to SLAY the giants standing in your way and receive the victory promised.  Life was meant to be lived with purpose, are you ready?


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